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Does this sound familiar when you're asked about working with LGBTQ clients?

Are you an LGBTQ ally but you just aren't getting the inquires? 

The advice we hear in Facebook groups is missing the mark. 
You don't need a styled shoot or a model call. You need to be an LGBTQ-inclusive brand that attracts LGBTQ clients.  
Let me show you a new framework.

Spoiler Alert: 
LGBTQ clients are coming to your page, but they aren't inquiring because something is scaring them away. 

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How to respond to your next LGBTQ Inquiry

A blueprint to the personal work needed to create a truly LGBTQ affirming brand

How to write an affirming statement for your site

How to communicate on your iG stories 

This framework will give you a clear path to breaking down barriers and build a brand that is safe and inclusive to LGBTQ couples. 

What you'll learn

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You think that love is love and all weddings deserve to be celebrated

You are open to being vulnerable 

You are an LGBTQ ally or LGBTQ Professional who wants to work with more queer clients 

You want to learn how to better serve the LGBTQ community

this is for you, if...

You don't want to learn how to be a better ally

You think LGBTQ people don't live in your area

You don't want to up offend anti-lgbtq clients

You don't want to work with LGBTQ clients

this isn't for you, if...

who this is/isn't for.

"I love how kindly but still informative you are with [LGBTQ issues] kinds of things. I’m still learning about how to be more inclusive honestly because I grew up in a super conservative environment, so I really appreciate it!"

I am a queer wedding photographer based in New Orleans. When I got engaged to my now wife, same-sex marriage was illegal in my home state of Louisiana. I know first hand what it is like reaching out to wedding vendors not knowing if they would work with us. Now, it is my personal mission to make the wedding world more inclusive, one vendor at a time. 
Join me this friday. 

Tia Nash —

About the speaker

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